Orphans and Education


Education For Orphans and Poorest minority children

Each child deserve to have the right to go to school regardless of not having school uniform, notebooks, and school tuition.

Shaykh Alauddin El-Bakri Shaykh Alauddin is partnering with Moonlight Humanity on educational project, on sponsoring the orphans and the poorest of the poor to get education and breakfast, $10/month per child project, and $150 per month for a teacher salary to teach: English, Math and their local language. This is a non-religious program, it is purely academic.

These students walk about 5 miles from their home without sandals to school

Underderprivileged students in an indigenous Cham village (VietNam, and Cambodia)

Now the students move to the new classroom but we need more chair and tables

These students walk about 5 miles from their home without sandals to school. Many cannot afford to buy a notebook or the small educational fee which deter them from attending school.

Orphanages Sponsorship

We have placed orphaned children as our top priority for enrollment in the Moonlight Humanity Foundation school program.

To provide Education $5/Month

Rice Distribution 10kg $5/Month

donate, $5 a day to 50 students in the class, teach illiterate children to be literate . Can you imagine what it is like going through life not knowing how to read their local language? and do simple math for daily living? How can the community grow without education? Can you see now? Will you help?

The Pilot Educational Goals:

  • Economic Development
  • Each person be able to read and do simple math.
  • Reading Fluency starting from the Primary level
  • One classroom at the time
  • One water well per village
  • One child at a time

Decades of warfare,unclean water, lack of health and sanitation with water born disease have left children in Cambodia with one of the highest occurrences of death by landmines. In addition, rampant diseases, coupled with the scarcity of health care resources, compounds these problems into leading causes of death, all of which contributes greatly to the growing orphan population in Cambodia.

If we do not care for the children and build for them a future of hope, no one will. As orphans are introduced to the warmth and love provided by the community and care found in Moonlight Humanity Foundation's orphan homes, they will learn to heal their society. Through the services provided, these children will receive an education and training that helps them to become productive, upright, and moral members of Cambodian society. The goal of Moonlight Humanity is to nurture and contribute to the next generation of Cambodia so that today's orphans will rise above their humble beginnings to become the future hope in a desperate land. 

Pictured Above:

Currently, this school accommodates 80 students beginning at the primary level. The teachers are a husband and wife volunteer team who have converted their home into two classrooms, one for boys and one for girls. Both husband and wife also act as caregivers to the students.

Moonlight Humanity Foundation is assisting with rent fees to ease the financially difficulty of the volunteer teachers so that the students who are primarily orphans, continue to get the help and shelter they need for their education and safety.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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