Supporting Rohingya in the refugee camp, Bangladesh

They have need for Health and Sanitation, Our Board member Mr. Kawser Jamal from USA and was originally from Bangladesh is going to the Rohingya Refugee camp from December to January of 2017, 2018 with his own air ticket expense therefore we need your support to buy the good for the Rohingya children and women.

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Donation For Orphans & Education

Each child deserve to have the right to go to school regardless of not having school uniform, notebooks, and school tuition. Your donation will help them to reach what they need

The orphans in Cambodia
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Donation For Water Well

Although drinking water is something that is available everyday inour country. In a country like Cambodia, the main source of any villager's drinking water will come from rain fall. Water is collected in huge cement structures which store it for a long period of time.

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Donation For Women Empowerment

We are Developing Vocational Art Center in Cambodia and other country for Women Empowerment Program to help how to get better life. your help will make us to get good quality of education and facilities

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Mobile Doctors and Medicine

Help developing country citizen specially in remote place to get their health facilty. By mobile doctor program we hope they can get health facility

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Is there a place that’s especially close to your heart? You can choose to send your gift to people there. These contributions may be used for rapid relief in emergencies or development projects that improve lives.



Water, education, health—these are basic needs that all of us should have regular access to. Support these funds to help build programming that will strengthen these resources around the world.



Orphan Support is an amazing way to help an orphan and her family break the chains of poverty, and build a sustainable living for themselves. Give to a country of your choice or select general support to help where it's needed most.