Supporting Rohingya in the refugee camp, Bangladesh

They have need for Health and Sanitation, Our Board member Mr. Kawser Jamal from USA and was originally from Bangladesh is going to the Rohingya Refugee camp from December to January of 2017, 2018 with his own air ticket expense therefore we need your support to buy the good for the Rohingya children and women. Mr. Kawser will be helping us to build water well, at the cost of $350 per well.

Distribute school supplies. Winter jackets and blanket to children and women. We beliveve everyone dollars count, we have distributed blanket and toys to women and children because we believe in supporting the mental health as and keeping them warm, there are more work that need to be done as you know the children and widow woman are very vulnerable because of the genocide that is happening to them.

Please go to our website to learn more about our work in Rohingya and Burma. Most of you know the crises that was happening in August 2017 in Burma which has the result of 500 thousand displaced Rohingya Burmese Muslim in Bangladesh, The Rohingya in need of your help. Please support our project. We also have an on going project to educate the children to get education that they need such as learning local langues, math and English for job skills.

Visit our website to know more about our work. We are the unique organization as we mainly focus on the minority, indigenous, displaces group that are forgotten in South East Asia with a focus in supporting orphans and widow women our work are in countries Such as Burma -Rohingya, Bangladhesh, Cham,-Champa-Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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