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The mission of the Moonlight Humanity Foundation is to help indigenous, displaced and impoverished peoples in Southeast Asia such as the Champa people, minority ethnic group regardless of race, color, religion, disability, and background with an emphasis on assisting women and children by providing access to sanitation, education, and emergency relief. We currently Supporting orphans in Vietnam, Cambodia. Widow woman. The poorest of the poor.

Old Classroom and tables
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Education is the key to the future for poor villagers in the remote areas of South East Asia. Moonlight Humanity aims to bring attention and care toward a society with no voice. Our vision is to help address the basic humanitarian needs of displaced and indigenous people by providing Education to each child and access to clean water. The name Moonlight Humanity reflects the intention of shedding a light of love and hope over these forgotten people. Moonlight Humanity hopes to be able to provide all Southeast Asians clean water and sanitation.