Our Founder

Yasmeen Van Anh Thanh was born in Vietnam as one of the Cham indigenous people. She came to America in 1993 and has been involved in education, first as a primary educator herself, and then later as an entrepreneur, business consultant. Yasmeen likes to work in Cambodia and Vietnam in the Cham village because she understand their people cultural.



After more than 10 years of professional service in the Bay area, Yasmeen felt was time to help indigenous and displaced people in Southeast Asia. Her first impulse was to start out with her own geographical home, which is located in Vietnam and Cambodia. She feels compelled to help indigenous and displaced people, to provide them with a chance at the same opportunity in education that is available to people in other parts of the world. "Displaced indigenous people are often forgotten," says Yasmeen, "and I feel its my obligation take up the project of working with them because I came from one of the indigenous people and I understand the background, tribes, history, heritage and culture. I am very passionate about education and helping the people living in poverty to get to the level of self sufficiency and where they have a path out of their condition. My mission and goal do not stop at Kampong Cham, but I hope to be able to reach out throughout Southeast Asia and globally. I trust God to help poor people in the world, and ask Allah—God—for the opportunity to serve others in the best possible way." Yasmeen believes that every person is a person, no matter how small they are. We must help the children, orphanages, and the poorest people by giving them opportunity first through clean water to ensure survival. Yasmeen Thanh believes Moonlight Humanity will give light, hope and a new life to indigenous and displaced women and children.