Volunteers from Vietnam and Cambodia infront of the Cham Cambodia citizen's house. Volunteers from USA, Vietnam and Cambodia infront of the Cham Cambodia citizen's house.[/caption]

Our board of Advisers

  Shaykh Alauddin El-Bakri Shaykh Alauddin He has helped start many organizations as well as raised funds for many worthy causes, he is involved in both the Muslim and none Muslim community.   Mr. Kent Whitney Mr. Kent Whitney is a devoted Christian. By profession is a CPA, Real Estate Broker and is on the board member of IRS, NACA real estate not for profit, Pro Bono CPA project. He has to serve pro-Bono throughout 50 states in the nation, his main office is in San Jose. Mr. Kent Whitney is also a business partner with Ms. Yasmeen Thanh the founder of Moonlight Humanity in real estate and CPA. Their goal is to help individual and business owner who has a problem with their tax audit. Mr. Kent Whitney has been volunteering on helping Moonlight Humanity accountant, monthly and yearly audit since 2010, he has help with 501 (c)3 status and accountant.

Board members and Volunteers in the USA

Shaykh Alauddin El-Bakri Shaykh Alauddin is a board member and also partnering with Moonlight Humanity on the educational project to sponsor the orphans and the poorest of the poor to get education and breakfast.

Yasmeen Vananh Thanh is the President of Moonlight Humanity Foundation. Yasmeen has BA degree in Art, Marketing, and Teaching. With her knowledge and skill, she has transferred it to Moonlight Humanity project. In the beginning, she has found a group of dedicated people to help her build up Moonlight Humanity. Yasmeen knows Cham, Vietnamese and English.


Mr. Kent Whitney is Chief financial officer for Moonlight Humanity.

Yasmin Vanya is Secretary and Co-founder for Burma project. She has contributed to the Bay Area community for more than 15 years through social projects which include feeding the homeless, helping battle Islamophobia, and teaching at a local Islamic Sunday School. Yasmin worked at Xilinx (Software Localization Manager). She studied Computer Science at Florida Institute of Technology and currently lives in San Jose, California. Yasmin is also well versed in many languages including Burmese, English, Japanese, Farsi, Hindi-Urdu. She is originally from Rangoon, Yangon, Burma.

Sabahat Ashraf ("iFaqeer") is an online consultant and marketing officer for Moonlight Humanity. He works professionally as a Communication Consultant through BayContent and engages with causes and issues as iFaqeer. He has a Masters' in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Sabahat currently resides in Fremont, California. He is originally from Karachi, Pakistan, and Sokoto, Nigeria.

Asiroh Cham is the Communications Director for Moonlight Humanity. Asiroh is a 1.5 Cham American, born in a refugee camp in Thailand but spent most of her life in California. She received her B.A. from UCLA in International Development Studies and Southeast Asian Studies; with an emphasis on indigenous communities. After her B.A., she worked as an academic counselor at UCLA for almost 5 years; advising students in Asian Studies degrees. She completed her Master's degree in Asian American Studies with a focus on the Cham diaspora in the United States. She assists with Moonlight Humanity as a volunteer, particularly editing content for publicity materials and assist with various projects.

Abbas Zaidi is networker of Moonlight Humanity. Abbas Zaidi is very broad in his career experience which includes PM and Facilitator & Information Design Consultant at Abbas studied Art and Materials at Diablo Valley College. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan and lives in San Francisco, California.


Ani Nuriyani Graphic Designer for Moonlight Humanity. With her dream of helping Indonesian people, she hopes to travel to Indonesia carrying and fulfilling the vision of Moonlight Humanity Foundation. Ani studied Graphic Design and graduated Magna Cum Laude at San Jose State University. Ani is fluent in Indonesia, Malaysian, and English with knowledge of Spanish. She is from Burlingame, California.

Eric Herberholz is a Moonlight Humanity volunteer. Raised by nationally renowned collegiate Visual Art educators, he received a degree in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He has coached customers for over 10 years at Hewlett Packard, troubleshooting and providing technical solutions to North American HP-UX System Administrators. Web Profile:


Our Volunteers in Vietnam

Dang Duong The primary teacher in Phuoc Nhon- Cham- Vietnam. She currently the volunteer staff to support orphans with rice distribution and making sure the orphans continue their education. She speaks fluent Cham and Vietnamese. Truong Thanh is a Volunteer for orphans and disadvantaged students. She is also a principal of an elementary school in Panduranga or Phang Rang province. Truong is fluent in Cham and Vietnamese. Phong Thanh The president and board member of social work in her village Phuoc Nhon, she is known to be the source of supporter for the poorest of the poor of her village and she has been the volunteer of Moonlight Humanity since 2011. She speak fluent Cham and Vietnamese

Putra Champa is a video production officer of Moonlight Humanity. He is a Cham from the Southwest Vietnam. Putra has worked as an interpreter and studied at HONGBANG INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. He currently lives in Vung Tau, Vietnam. He knows English, Indonesian, Malasian, Korean, Cham, and Vietnamese. He originally is from Angiang Vietnam.


Thanh Ngoc Trai is a media specialist for Moonlight Humanity. By occupation, he is a reporter and photographer in Vietnam. Thanh Ngoc Trai serves as Yasmeen's point of trust in Vietnam. He is a film producer and photographer in Central Vietnam with his work centered on indigenous and displaced people. Thanh Ngoc Trai has been working with indigenous and displaced people for almost 20 years now. He can speak Cham and Vietnamese. He is from Phang rang Panduranga (Ninh Thuan) province.


Ly Trung Dao is a General Reporter for Moonlight Humanity. He is a business owner, has helped Moonlight Humanity with photography and reports for Cham villages. He is from Phang Rang (Panduranga) province and knows Cham and Vietnamese.


Our Volunteers in Cambodia

Salamah Kieu is a volunteer for Moonlight Humanity Foundation. She currently resides in Washington, Seatle. She is a board member of Bangsa Cham. Moonlight Humanity works with Bangsa Cham. To obtain updates from Cambodia, via their Salamah Kieu speaks Cham, Vietnamese and English.


Rohi, Sanya and Islamiyat are volunteers and reporters for Moonlight Humanity and are liaisons with Bangsa Cham Radio.


Mr. and Ms. Abdulgany serve as teachers and caregivers to the shelter and school for children in Kandal Province Cambodia.

Abdul Halim and his wife are our advisors and volunteers who specialize in buildings wells in Cambodia and Vietnam. Their main office is in Cambodia. They are a very loving and dedicated family and have dedicated their lives to helping poor, indigenous villagers for the past 12 years. Being US citizens, the couple has returned back to Cambodia and Vietnam to address the many needs there. Both husband and wife speak Cham, Khmer, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Arabic and English.

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